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About Us

We are a specialist footwear supplier, dedicated in providing excellent value for money and unbeatable service to primary and secondary schools across the UK.

Academy Wear UK are also the official suppliers of footwear for Emmanual Schools Foundation group, comprising of Emmanuel College, Bede Academy, Trinity Academy and Kings Academy - However - all of our products are also available to the general public.

School Uniform

There are many sound, practical reasons for having a uniform. Perhaps the most obvious is that it removes the burden of having to decide what to wear each day! The real reason for a uniform, however, has to do with the school's core values and ethos. They want you to look your best because they believe that it is right to give of your best in every area of your lives.  Your uniform also provides a sense of identity, reminding you that you belong to one another and promoting your school's excellent reputation in the community. Perhaps most importantly, it helps prevent bullying. Your school want their students to:

  • Feel a sense of belonging
  • Look smart and tidy
  • Work safely and effectively
  • Dress modestly
  • Avoid causing offence to others
  • Maintain the excellent reputation everyone benefits from
  • Avoid excluding others from 'our group'
  • Avoid flaunting wealth and making others feel inferior

As with everything worthwhile, having a high standard of uniform does require sacrifice on a personal level, you cannot chase fashion in school. Students are asked to respect this, keeping their preference for a particular trend for evenings, weekends and holidays.


All students should wear plain, sensible black shoes which can be polished. Shoes with distinctive fashion featres such as buckles, tags or logos are not permitted as a normal part of their daywear, and neither are boots, ‘training shoes’, ballet style, moccasin style or shoes with heavy sole cleats. No shoe may have a heel of more than one inch, measured where the heel meets the instep. For safety reasons the top of the foot must be fully covered by the shoe. Shoe laces must be firmly tied so the shoe is secure on the foot.


Bags should be robust, of darker colours, with no dominant logos, and large enough to carry a full day’s supply of books and A4 size folders. We strongly recommend that bags have two shoulder straps to evenly distribute weight, avoiding the potential for back problems.